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The Company offers the entire range of its services in the following languages:

Albanian Esperanto Japanese Portuguese
Arabic Estonian Korean Romanian
Bosniac Finnish Latin Russian
Bulgarian Flemish Latvian Serbian
Chinese French Lithuanian Slovakian
Croat German Macedonian Slovenian
Czech Greek Mandarian Spanish
Danish Hebrew Mongolian Swedish
Dutch Hungarian Norwegian Turkish
English Italian Polish Ukrainian


Our Clients are mainly multinational companies. The translators engaged by the Translation Center have the skills to meet the highest quality requirements. Each of the translators holds a university degree, has excellent language command, and at the same time is a specialist of the given professional fields.

The Translation Center offers translation services from Hungarian into foreign languages, from foreign languages into Hungarian, as well as from foreign languages to foreign languages.


Both technical and linguistic proofreading can be requested by the Clients.

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The Translation Center also performs simultaneous and consecutive interpretation work. If it is demanded, the Company is able to supply the equipment required for such interpretation services.




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